Live Confidently with Kidney Disease

Live your life, don’t let your condition drive your life. Take control back!

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Let’s take away some of the frustrations of living with chronic disease!

  • No more restrictive food lists
  • Dialysis is not the only option


    Let’s reach your goals together!

    Living with kidney disease and/or diabetes doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Let’s work together to help you understand your labs and eat the foods you love without fear. 



      Let’s Work Together

      Private Coaching

      Reach your goals and get recommendations specific to what you need, no cookie cutter food lists.

      Group Classes

      Learn all the essentials at your own pace from the comfort of your home, office or wherever you choose.

      Client Successes

      “I had been avoiding beans for so long due to my CKD and diabetes. I have been able to add them back (slowly) and enjoy some of my favorites, especially soups”

      – Tom, Private Coaching

      Client Successes

      “This course showed me I could eat my favorite fresh fruits and vegetables again! I am excited to get my kidney friendly garden started.

      – Angi, CKD + Diabetes Student

      hi there!

      I’m Amanda

      Kidney & Diabetes Dietitian

      I am passionate about helping individuals feel confident in their food choices. We work together to empower you!

      I have a passion for working to help individuals understand the role of nutrition in chronic disease, specifically diabetes and chronic kidneys disease (CKD). There is so much confusing information out here it can be hard.


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      My Signature Process

      four steps to success

      Step 01:

      Book a free intro call

      We will talk to see what your goals are and what I can offer. If those two match-up, we will start working together. I know full well that the relationship between a dietitian and client is important and not everyone is a fit for one another. 

      Step 02:

      Your Labs

      Everyone is different. We take a look at your labs before making any recommendations. The first step to a customized plan is knowing where we are starting.

      Step 03:

      Your Foods

      What foods do you like? Any allergies or cultural preferences? Your foods plus your labs helps us make a plan together.

      Step 04:

      Your Plan

      We work together to have a practical plan that works for you based on your labs and food preferences. 

      Questions? Check the FAQ or contact me.


      Get Started

      Book a free intro call today!

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