Eating “Healthy” can seem overwhelming

But it doesn't have to be

Regardless of your health conditions, eating healthy doesn’t have to be complicated. And yes, you can eat more than salads. Healthy eating is all in how you incorporate:

  • Quality ingredients¬†
  • Herbs and spices layered for added flavor
  • Proteins (animal and plant)
  • Salt (yes, I said it, and in moderation, you can use it)

There is a place for all foods in a healthy lifestyle and that I what I strive to provide for my clients and readers. I want your food to be fun and nourishing. If you have a chronic disease like diabetes or chronic kidney disease, we can work together to understand how to combine foods in a way that is both fun and practical for your lifestyle and stage of disease. My goal is for my clients and their families to be able to eat the same meal and enjoy it, no more cooking three meals for family members based on their different health conditions!

Coming Soon, Kidney Disease and Diabetes Class!

You heard it right! I’m creating a class for those with both Chronic Kidney Disease and Diabetes!! There are several fantastic courses out there for CKD as well as those for Diabetes, but not for those that have both! I understand the mixed information out there regarding this topic, so I’m here for you. This class will include self-paced modules, handouts specific to the content, a student workbook to track your progress and generate conversation topics for your healthcare team as well as LIVE Q&A sessions!

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