Kidney disease classes are a great way to learn the basics in a fun supportive environment. Classes are a hybrid of self-paced online modules and live Q & A sessions. Unlike individual counseling, group classes do not require you to reside in a specific state or even in the United States to participate. All that is needed is an internet connection and willingness to learn.


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You heard it right! I offer a class for those with both Chronic Kidney Disease and Diabetes!! There are several fantastic courses out there for CKD as well as those for Diabetes, but not for those that have both! I understand the mixed information out there regarding this topic, so I’m here for you. This class will include self-paced modules, handouts specific to the content, a student workbook to track your progress and generate conversation topics for your healthcare team as well as LIVE Q&A sessions!

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Each dialysis unit  in the United States has a dietitian assigned to it. Dietitians often have more than one unit. The education patients receive as part of dialysis varies and not everyone has the same relationship with their dialysis dietitian. This course is designed to review the basics of the renal diet for those on dialysis, regardless of modality (home hemo, in-center hemo, peritoneal dialysis). We discuss potassium, phosphorus, protein, inflammation and even transplant center research. This is not to replace the information you receive at dialysis, but rather add to it on a deeper level. We are here for you to help fill any gaps and make sure you are confident in your food choices, and yes you do have choices!

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Kidney disease classes are not intended to replace the information provided by physicians or other members of your healthcare team, but rather provide a deeper understanding of the specific topics. We recommend working with a nephrologist and other providers while attending any of the kidney disease group classes