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My Time with EFNEP

As my last days in the office are approaching, I can hardly believe ten weeks has passed. It seems like just yesterday that I sent out the outline for the curriculum and waited for responses: that was over a month ago. The program is coming together nicely and is in the final stages of revisions. The …

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Loving the Pizza Pie…College Style

Pizza has always been one of my favorite foods. But it has recently taken on a whole new meaning, of cheap and convenient meals. My version of pizza is also fairly healthy (depending on which vegetables are handy). I start with a tortilla for the crust: it can be flavored, regular or even whole wheat. …

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A New Gluten Free Expereince

As I shared in my last post, I attended another gluten-free group meeting. This meeting featured a speaker from a local company that makes gluten free flour blends. We tried food items from the pizza blend and the pastry blend.From the Pizza Blend we tried:PizzaFlatbreadsBiscuitsFrom the Party Blend we tried:Cinnamon RollsCinnamon Roll Cake (like pictured …

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Perks of Changing Your Major

A year ago, I switched my major from food science to dietetics. However, this was not before learning a great deal about grain processing (I have also worked in a small flour mill and lab for four years). The reason this background is especially helpful is when it comes to understanding gluten free products and …

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Growing Pains

This past week has brought all sorts of personal and professional growing opportunities…so many in fact at times I feel as though I’m a young child with growing pains. They would come sporadically and suddenly when I least expected it!In addition to internship supervisor transitions, I have summer class, graduate school application drafts, and preparation …

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A Slice of Humble Pie

Yesterday as I was enjoying a slice of apple pie, I started to think about everything I have to be thankful for! If there were 100 people selected at random from around the world:Only 5 would speak English.33 would be Christian21 would be overweight and 16 would be undernourished or starving23 would have no place …

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A Whole New World

Wednesday I had the opportunity to attend a gluten-free group meeting. I didn’t really know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised! The meeting was hosted by a local grocery store dietitian. She and her two student interns for the summer (part of the coordinated program at K-State) prepared numerous pizza crusts and pizzas for the group …

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