Calorie Comparison

As a dietetics student, I used to hear a lot about the number of calories individuals should consume throughout the day. However, it is still sometimes difficult to picture the calorie densities of certain foods.

Previously I was sent this link. It has 75 pictures of different foods and each is 200 calories. It is so interesting to see how even vegetables compare or butter and a candy bar! Feel free to check it out, it just might surprise you!

That’s a lot of celery for 200 calories and at least 2 whole apples, but is that what life amounts to, calories? No. Mindful eating focuses on the way foods make us feel and eating to feel satisfied. For many individuals, returning to eating until satisfied (as opposed to stuffed) can be a new concept. While many New Years Resolutions may have us reaching for the handy app to count calories, I challenge you to instead try taking a moment and listening to your body for cues of hunger, thirst and satisfaction.

I encourage you to find a book or podcast about intuitive eating. Both books below are recommended.

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