A-Z: Resveratrol

Have you heard that a glass of red wine is comparable to one hour at the gym? Is there any truth to that?

The compound in wine (red wine specifically) that is at the root of this claim is Resveratrol (REZ-VER-A-TR-ALL) and is actually found in other berries, grapes and even peanuts(1). Resveratrol is a type of compound called a polyphenol a type of antioxidant. The notion that red wine has cardiovascular benefits has yet to be proven in large randomized controlled trials. However, red wine has other polyphenollic compounds that have been shown to have health benefits such as anti-inflammatory and anti-atherogenic properties. Sadly, red wine does not have a large concentration of these polyphenols (1).

While red wine may not have all the advantages of an hour of cardio, it has been shown to be one of the more healthful alcoholic beverage choices.

Red Wine Myths:
1. Red wine can prevent cancer
2. All wine tastes better with age
3. The more expensive, the better the wine

In conclusion, drinking one glass of wine on occasion can have some health benefits, drinking should be done in moderation (one drink for women and two for men) and never while pregnant. Written while enjoying a glass of my favorite red.

1. Resveratrol. Linus Pauling Institute. Oregon State University. 2015.


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