A-Z Quality Foods not Fad Foods

As the new year has turned, million of Americans have made resolutions to lose weight or eat healthy, I encourage you to throw out the traditional resolution! That’s right, THROW OUT YOUR HEALTHY RESOLUTION! 

No gluten free this (unless you have Celiac Disease) or low fat that! And forget the diet products!!

Instead, I encourage you to make one small goal today! Work on this goal for one month! If you meet this goal, set a new one taking another step towards improved health!

One examples of small goals are:  

  1. Swap out two salty snacks per week for one piece of fruit
  2. Exchange fruit infused water (or plain water) for one soda (regular or diet) once per day
  3. Two days per week park at the opposite end of the parking lot
These small changes can be made more successful by working with a Registered Dietitian! He or she can help you get healthier for the new year!

Checkout more healthful eating tips at eatright.org and on the Nutrition Blog Network all blogs are authored by Registered Dietitians. 

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