Taste of Havanna

A couple weeks ago I decided to attend a Spice Box dinner. These dinners are held in the spring semester and are the capstone course for hospitality management students at the  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Each student selects a theme and guest chef for which the meal is based. Students then prepare and serve the meal on campus. My lab-mate and I decided to attend a Cuban themed meal. 

The first course featured fried ham and dough with three delicious sauces.

The second course was beans and rice.

The third course was more than we could handle with a half-chicken, rice and plantains.

Dessert was caramel flan.

This was my first time dining in the Spice Box, but I have already planned to go back in a few weeks. This is a great project for students to learn how to prepare and manage a fine-dining event.

Photos courtesy of Catherine Metzgar!

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