A Day Out of the Office

Yesterday I had the opportunity to help with a kids cooking camp in a neighboring town. It was a great way to see programming in action. As a child in 4-H or just attending summer camps, I didn’t realize how much educational planning is put into each activity. The activity for the children was to make MyPlate Happy Faces. I thought this activity was a great way for the 7-9 year old children to learn about the different food groups and make a healthy snack (they looked a bit silly also)!
Tomorrow I have the opportunity to listen to a webinar on education in food banks. I am very interested in this opportunity as I feel it is incredibly important to educate consumers in addition to giving food items!
Last week I heard back about the first two lessons I have submitted. There were very few changes suggested and I am hoping to finish the outlines for remaining lessons this week!
In addition to waiting for feedback, I completed an outline for blog posts though the end of the year! I have only written blog posts though early November, but if I have downtime, that is something that I can finish!

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