Past, Present, Future

I firmly believe my past experiences influence my current decisions and therefore my future outcomes. For example, last summer I served as an Orientation Leader for my university! I LOVED IT!! When given the chance to come back,  however, I was hesitant. I knew that I would have a great experience and be able to positively impact the lives of incoming students. I also knew that there were several (4 to be exact) opportunities in dietetics and nutrition that I could also take.

 As an Orientation Leader, I was a bit hesitant the first few days, but quickly warmed up. My intention of returning was to give the experience 110% from the beginning. However, had I been an Orientation Leader, I would not have had the opportunity to learn about the EFNEP program, let alone create what I am hoping to be a lasting nutrition education tool for the educators across the state. In the end, I am glad I chose my present internship with EFNEP because it gave me the opportunity to help with orientation events on the weekends but experience community nutrition.
It is so easy to get caught up in the “might have been” situations in life that we (myself included) can overlook the present opportunities.

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