Those People

Have you ever been around those people? No, not the annoying, rude, or anything like that. Have you ever been around the type of people that make you want to be a better person? This type of person is naturally contagious and you leave the conversation thinking, “Yeah, I can do that”! These individuals focus on the relationship aspect working with others and place great value in knowing their peers. Unfortunately, I am not this type of person, but I GREATLY value friendships with those that are! I have had the privilege of working with two people that are this type of personality. Every day at work I would be challenged in various ways to push myself. The interesting thing about these challenges is I never felt that it was a direct challenge: most challenges were questions that caused me to think deeply about my life and values!
Individuals that unintentionally make you want to be a better person are truly some of the most cherished people I have known.

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