To Communicate or Not…

As a college student, it is not uncommon to have instances of miscommunication. Through my experiences in organizations and school projects, I have quickly learned that communication is a constantly evolving process.

From what I have learned, the first step to communication is to find everyone’s communication style. By understanding how members of your team communicate, you can better understand how to communicate with them and what to expect in terms of communication. For example, when communicating with older generations some individuals may prefer a one on one meeting where others may prefer email.

One of the most important questions I ask when on a job interview is if you could change anything about your position or the company what would it be and can you explain. This question is especially helpful if the interview is with peers in the company. If anything regarding communication is emphasized in a negative light, it is a red flag for me, as I was expecting a simple answer that would be turned into a positive!

Communication, easily overlooked, but vital in so many aspects of life!

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