Crazy Concept

As a forewarning, this post may sound silly in it’s simple concept, but I feel it’s something so many forget. This past weekend I ate very healthy, probably as close to an ideal MyPlate as I ever have. I didn’t notice it at the time because I was simply eating the foods that were accessible in my fridge. Here’s what I observed:

  1. If foods are already cut and ready to eat, I tend to eat more of the fresh produce than if I have to wash, cut, and then put it all together myself.
  2. When I eat “healthy” (lots of vegetables, some whole grains, lean protein, some fruits, and little refined sugar), I feel SO MUCH better than when I eat more “common” foods (I love refined carbs and sugars, not the best, but true).

Don’t think I ate nothing but healthy foods, as I still ate one scoop of ice cream, an oreo, and ants on a log (with several mini chocolate chips instead of raisins).

As a result of eating well most of the weekend, my Monday is not near as dragging as it typically does!

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