Healthy Eating Recommendations

Published on: 05/05/2018
  • Hold out your hands with palms up and little fingers touching, this is your plate
  • One palm represents a grain serving
    • Grain or starchy vegetable such as a small baked potato
  • The other palm represents a protein or meat serving
    • Lean meats are recommended most of the time (chicken, pork, fish, turkey and beef) cooked to maximize flavor an minimize added fat broiled or grilled over fried
  • Your fingers represent fruits and vegetables
    • These are the non-starchy vegetables (not potatoes or corn) 
    • Fresh, canned or frozen without added sauces, syrups and rinsed if they’re canned vegetables
  • Add a side of dairy (yogurt, milk or cheese)
Healthy Eaitng

This healthy eating recommendation is a simplified version of MyPlate but also takes into account the size of the person and is a fun demonstration for kids. If after eating the amount of food corresponding to the size of your hands (or plate), you simply have more fruits and vegetables, illustrated to kids by fanning out their hands and wiggling their fingers.

The plate method is a goal for healthy eating and may not be practical as a first step. By setting one small goal at a time and achieving that, adjusting to a more healthful intake can seem more achievable.

This guide serves as a general approach to healthy eating. If you would like more personalized nutrition recommendations please find a Registered Dietitian or RD/N.


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