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Published on: 08/03/2015

Keeping Track: Fitness Trackers and Other Gadgets

In the last 5 years, I’ve noticed an increasing trend of hyper-awareness as it comes to keeping track of one’s health. This began in the early 2000’s actually when McDonald’s and other restaurants began including pedometers with some special meals. Recently, the trend has spanned to calorie tracking apps and fitness trackers that will track your heart-rate.

My questions when it comes to fitness and diet trackers center around the motivation for using them and the knowledge of recommendations for healthy levels. For example, it is recommended that one get 10,000 steps per day as part of an active healthy lifestyle. 

Additionally some diet or food tracking apps severely underestimate the number of calories needed for daily activities. Personally, I don’t enjoy feeling as though I have a calorie budget, I prefer to eat by the 80:20 rule. Striving for 80% healthful choices and 20% foods because I enjoy them (some healthful some not so much), allows me to enjoy the foods I eat without feeling restricted.

I do monitor my steps, but only through my phone’s built in pedometer. I strive for 10,000 before going to the gym! 

What are your preferred ways of tracking your activity?

*I am not a medical professional and these opinions are not meant to provide a prescription of any kind. Please speak with a Registered Dietitian or your primary care physician if you have questions concerning your diet or activity level.


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