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Published on: 07/15/2015

What is Food Science?
Food science is simply that, the science relating to food. Nutrition and food science are very closely related, as is culinary science. From when a food is harvested, transported, processed (cooked, cut, mixed, frozen, etc), packaged, transported to the store, and even consumer food preparation safety. Food science also includes creating new food products for consumers.

Massive cinnamon sticks on display by an ingredient vendor

Food Science Conference
IFT (Institute of Food Technologists) is the professional organization for food science. At their annual meeting there are educational sessions, research presentations, cooking demonstrations, and an expo featuring the latest innovations related to food products and processing.

A view of one portion of the IFT Expo floor.

This year the conference was in Chicago, IL and I was able to attend for one day. I attended a session on the impact of low-calorie sweeteners on gut bacteria, interacted with vendors at the expo, learned about the latest research from graduate students and other professionals, attended a cooking demonstration and the Illinois reception.

Pizza in the flavor of a Chicago style hot-dog

It was interesting to learn about the latest innovations in a neighbor field and brainstorm links to future research projects and collaborations.

Dark chocolate almond popcorn ball made in a cooking demonstration


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