My Time with EFNEP

Published on: 08/02/2013

As my last days in the office are approaching, I can hardly believe ten weeks has passed. It seems like just yesterday that I sent out the outline for the curriculum and waited for responses: that was over a month ago. 

The program is coming together nicely and is in the final stages of revisions. The educators will, most likely, have comments and changes after it is presented to them. 

I was so excited when I received the proof from the graphic designer. She had compiled all of the scripts for educators and handouts into one document that will serve as a leader’s guide. It is complete with small icon-like pictures of the handouts the clients will be completing for the respective activity. She has been so great to work with: I will have an idea for a handout or activity page and she will make it happen.

It is hard to believe I have put together a program for nutrition and lifestyle education during pregnancy. One of the largest challenges I faced is the fact that I have never been pregnant.

This internship has helped me realize my blessings in the areas of education and economic environment in which I was raised. Sometimes as a college student, I forget that there are millions that dream of the opportunities that we so often complain about (the small assignments, studying for tests, writing papers and such).

I have also learned that I will most likely not pursue in community nutrition, at least not in program writing. Instead, I will look for a career that includes more direct interaction with clients (this will most likely be in the clinical setting).


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