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Published on: 06/28/2013

Wednesday I had the opportunity to attend a gluten-free group meeting. I didn’t really know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised! The meeting was hosted by a local grocery store dietitian. She and her two student interns for the summer (part of the coordinated program at K-State) prepared numerous pizza crusts and pizzas for the group to try. All were made with mixes, doughs or frozen pizzas that could be found at the grocery store.

My knowledge of gluten free baking is fairly limited. I understand that a gluten free diet is free of wheat, barley and rye products. In replacement for wheat flour, various flours and starches are combined to achieve the desired consistency and properties (which varies by product). Flours and ingredients that are commonly mixed (from what I’ve seen) include: rice flour, tapioca flour, potato starch, and xanthan gum. My only experience with gluten free baking was making muffins for a friend: they didn’t turn out that well either!

I was welcomed by many members of the group: there were over 20 that attended. We all tried the various pizza crusts and pizzas. Some were much better than others. One of the members brought a cauliflower crust recipe for everyone to try. Her recipe included cauliflower, egg, cheese, and spices.  

The group was very supportive of me being there to learn about a gluten free lifestyle and some explained personal challenges with baking gluten free. I was so appreciative of this opportunity to learn more about gluten free eating and can’t wait to attend next month!

Sidenote: There was also a sample of a new chocolate chip cookie product that was quite tasty (and that’s by my standards)! I included the product label for anyone who is curious!


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